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Call 248.241.6645 or email to request service.

Free Analysis

Email NewRequest@mypurepc.com or call 248.241.6645 for a FREE check-up of your computer.  This will determine if the computer is too old, or if it still has life left in it.  In most cases, it can be saved!

Please call 248.241.6645 or email NewRequest@mypurepc.com for onsite service requests:

Onsite Residential Computer Repair: $45.00/hour

Onsite Residential Computer Cleanup (Flat Fee):  $85.00*

        * within 15 mile radius of Clarkston.  Additional travel fee outside of this area.

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Transaction Processing

Refund Policy:

If we are unable to make your computer work more smoothly and quickly, we will refund the cost of the service within 2 business days of the day the issue is found unrepairable.  We will check with you to be certain that you see an improvement at the time of the service, but if you notice no improvement after the service is complete please contact us at 248.241.6645 or questions@mypurepc.com for resolution.