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Have you ever sat down at your computer and attempt to browse the web, check email or run an application, only to have to wait after each click for the computer to respond?  If this is the case, it probably also boots up very slowly.  You may actually even power up and go do something else while waiting for the computer to do it's thing.  For most computers, there is a good reason for this problem - you are sharing the computer with someone (or something) else.

You see, while browsing the web, certain websites will drop small programs onto your computer to do their bidding.  If it was just one program, there would be minimal interference in most cases.  But, if many build up over time, the computer will get slower and slower in relation to how many of these programs have found a home on your pc.  Spyware, Adware, Malware, Scareware, etc. each take a bit of processing power and bandwidth of your internet connection to do their job.  So, if you have spyware monitoring your actions on your computer, each time you do something, it may take action to send details out to it's host.  This takes processor time, so you have to wait in line to do what you want to do.  Kind of annoying to think that you have to wait in line to use your computer, when the user in front of you is not even an invited guest!  I have seen computers with hundreds of these intruders, and I'm sure you can imagine the sort of delay that could occur having to wait behind each of them before your click finally gets attention!  Older computers had one cpu to handle tasks, so you wait in single file for your turn.  Newer computers have multiple cpu's, so it can handle multiple issues at once, but there still can be long delays.

Computers need to be maintained regularly to keep them running at their optimum speed.  If you would like to have your computer optimized for maximum speed, contact Pure PC at www.mypurepc.com or call 248.241.6645.

Scott Aderholdt

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