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Have you noticed that the older your computer gets, the slower it seems to be? It is almost as if the processor is getting old and lethargic, and just doesn't have the energy to do what it used to be able to do. Or, maybe you hear the hard drive working away constantly but nothing seems to be getting done? Sometimes this happens because the computer is unorganized. Well, rather the hard drive is unorganized, really.

For example, if you have a stack of papers on your desk that are all mixed together, does it take a while to go through them if you need a specific paper? Wouldn't it be easier to find certain things if the papers were organized into certain categories? Well, the hard drive in your computer is the same way. When the files are placed on the drive, they aren't really put in any specific order. It just finds space and puts them there. The computer knows where they are, but has to look all over the drive to get what it needs when you access various files or programs. A piece here and a piece there, and eventually it is all put together. But, if the drive is not fragmented, the computer then is able to quickly access what it is looking for – which saves you time because you don't have to wait so long for the information to run that program, etc. This is because, instead of looking in multiple places for all of the pieces of information, it just has to look in one area to find everything.

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