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Finding A Diamond In The Rough

A while back, some friends of mine needed some work done on a barn that they owned.  This barn was badly worn down from years of weathering, and needed some major work.  My friends did some searching and found a company that provided a service that was just what they were looking for, or so they thought.  They set up a time to have the company look at the barn.  After looking at what was needed, they were provided with a quote to repair the barn, and it was acceptable.  The company got started on the job and started to improve it's condition.  Then, this company began putting things on hold and significantly delayed the timeframe to complete the work.  Could this scenario have been avoided by attempting to find out what this company was really about?  Possibly, but in this case, we won't know.

How do we determine whether a business is a good business to utilize for their services?  It can be challenging to determine, unless the business is very transparent in showing what it's values are.  There are websites that provide ways to check up on companies to see what experiences other customers have had.  Some of these would be Angieslist.com, the Better Business Bureau or MerchantCircle.com.  Word of mouth advertising can be helpful.  Speaking to friends and family about their experiences allows us to hear from someone we know well, and who would give us the straight scoop.  If the company is truly doing right by their customers, it will show in the work they do.  Do they have a servant mentality, where the most important thing to them is to provide a quality product or service that will be of great value to the customer?  Does the customer get treated with respect, and in a personable way, so the customer does not feel like another number on a list? 

Many people will tend to look at price as their primary concern when trying to find the right company to handle the issue they need dealt with, but there is much more than price that matters.  Honesty, integrity and concern for the customer's issue are a huge part of the equation.  We should look for value.  The definition of value being a fair price, honest work and excellence in the work being performed.  Let's find an organization that wants to do what is best for us, because it is right.

At MyPurePC.com the focus is to do what is right for each customer.  Each customer is a person, and I look forward to meeting each and every one.

Scott Aderholdt