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Our computers are integral to the lives of many of us.  Whether it is email, shopping, bill paying or for streaming media, we rely on them increasingly as time goes on.  They have become so sophisticated and capable compared to a decade ago.  And much of what is done with our computers today is done online.  Which unfortunately, is what opens us up to trouble if we aren't careful.  I have put together a quick list of some of the problems you may run into.

Here is a list of some of the current offenders that attempt to afflict pain on our computers (and us!):

  • Spyware -  This software is designed to get into the computer and send out information that it deems to be useful to the one who created it.
  • Adware - This software is designed to get into the computer and find out the places you like to go to so targeted ads can be sent to you.
  • Malware - This software just wants to mess up files on your pc. 
  • Scareware - As the name implies, this software installs on your pc and pops up at specific times telling the user that they have been infected with a virus or something similar.  The tactic can be to cause the user to buy what the program offers as a fix.
  • Viruses - programs that discreetly move from computer to computer, via removable media, networks, or email.  It attaches to an existing program for transport.  These programs generally cause problems with the systems it has infected.
  • Worm - A program that replicates itself to be sent across networks to other computers.  Has the ability to traverse the network without being directly connected to another program.

The number of programs being created to target our computers has been growing over the years.  Along with that, the options for protecting our computers and correcting what has occurred has increased.  But, these options must be applied correctly and the computer needs to be cleaned up regularly to keep it running at it's optimum efficiency.  It is not likely that someone can be online over a period of time and not have the computer get loaded with things that bog it down, at a minimum.  Most every computer can use a freshening up every so often.  For some it can be as often as each month, and for others every six months, but it's still necessary in each case.  In regard to slowness, you have to decide how slow is too slow.  I have seen pc's that are just slightly slow to respond, and on the other end of the spectrum I have seen pc's that will literally take tens of seconds or several minutes to respond to something as simple as opening a web browser. 

If your computer is slow, or if it has something more pressing going on, we can help.  You rely on your pc and you can rely on us to correct the issues with it and get you back to your normal life.  Visit us at www.mypurepc.com for more info.

Scott Aderholdt