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Home users get a FREE analysis of your computer to find out if it is too old, or just needs to be supercharged!!  Call 248.241.6645 now!

Here are some examples of what Pure PC offers:

  • Business phone system servicing (Norstar, BCM, IP Office)
  • Spyware, Adware, Malware, Keylogger and Scareware removal.SpylSpylejsal spylsajfljsd
  • Virus removal
  • Network/Internet connection troubleshooting.
  • Slow computer clean up.
  • Computer hardware issues corrected.
  • Computer upgrades (Hardware & Software)
  • Used & Refurbished computers (laptop & desktop)

These issues and more can be fixed TODAY and we guarantee that you will receive excellent customer service!

We service all of the United States for our online repair services!  Contact us today at 248.241.6645!

Some Of Our Satisfied Customers:

Scott has been very helpful in working on our computer every time I ran into a problem.  - Marcia from Ohio

Service was prompt, courteous and effective in resolving my issue.  - Ralph from Ontario

Scott helped me to fix my computer when it was very badly infected with viruses. - Monika from Georgia

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We are a Michigan company, so you don't need to be concerned about speaking with someone outside of the U.S.

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